• CVS Basics Workshop (Video) 2021

    A recording of the 2021 CVS Basics training presented by Karen Belfer. Duration 1:49:24.

  • CVS Titling Protocols (video)

    A training video about Titling Protocols. YouTube 17:18.

  • CVS Workshop

    A PowerPoint Presentation of the Credential Validation Service with audio.

  • Meet CVS (Video)

    An introduction to the Credential Validation Services and its team. YouTube 1:43.

  • Program Standards and Program Descriptions (Video)

    A training video about Program Standards and Descriptions. YouTube 5:20.

  • The MTCU Code (Video)

    A training video about MTCU Codes. YouTube 5:52.

  • The Ontario Qualification Framework (OQF) (Video)

    A training video where CVS presents the Ontario Qualification Framework. YouTube 5:32.

  • Vocational Learning Outcomes (Video) 2021

    A recording of the 2021 workshop presented by Karen Belfer. Duration: 1:30:46

  • Writing Vocational Learning Outcomes (PPT with Audio)

    A PowerPoint Presentation training on writing VLOs with audio.