• Experiential Learning

    MAESD’s Guiding Principles for Experiential Learning

  • MCU Ontario Qualifications Framework

    A table describing all Ontario qualification descriptions.

  • MCU Provincial Program Standards

    A link to the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities Published Program Standards.

  • Minister’s Binding Policy Directive – Admission Criteria

    The general admissions criteria provide a clear and consistent method that all colleges are to use when considering applicants for entrance to all college programs of instruction.

  • Minister’s Binding Policy Directives – Framework for Programs of Instruction

    This binding policy directive applies to all colleges of applied arts and technology and defines expectations for all programs of instruction offered by colleges regardless of the funding source, except for ministry-funded apprenticeship training.

  • MTCU APS Table

    The August, 2023 updated APS Table from the MCU.

  • PEQAB – Degree Level Standards

    A link to PEQAB which contains all the information required for Degree submissions.