• CQAAP Audit Schedule 2016-2025

    Schedule used to plan audits since 2016. The schedule includes confirmed and potential dates.

  • CQAAP Guide for Completing a Self-Study Report 2023-24

    Guiding document for completing a CQAAP Self-Study Report.

  • CQAAP Guidelines and Framework 2023-24

    An informative and thorough document describing CQAAP processes and guiding principles.

  • CQAAP Guidelines and Protocols for Virtual Audit Visits 2023-24

    Information and expectations of virtual audit visits.

  • CQAAP Stages

    A visual representation of the stages of the audit process.

  • CQAAP Standards 2023-24

    A table depicting all CQAAP standards, requirements, guiding information and examples of evidence for each requirement.

  • Management Board Review of CQAAP Reports

    A document outlining the role of the OCQAS Management Board in reviewing Audit Reports.