• How does OCQAS ensure the rigor of its quality assurance processes?

    The OCQAS is committed to continuous improvement for the colleges, and for its own operations. As a result, regular reviews and external evaluations are undertaken on behalf of the Management Board to provide reasonable assurances that the service is credible, viable, and aligned with global best practices. Copies of these external evaluations are available to the public. The Management Board meets regularly to develop policy and provide strategic direction to the staff and the service, and the day-to-day operations are overseen by Colleges Ontario.

  • How transparent is the audit process for colleges?

    Our process is transparent as we are an arms-length organization which does not report to colleges, that provides information publicly to colleges, students, government, industry and any who wish to access quality audit information on Ontario’s colleges.

  • Are Ontario colleges accredited?

    At the present time colleges in Ontario are not accredited as institutions of higher education. However, the existing OCQAS audit framework already provides much of the structure and processes that are required to be a viable accreditation model. As well, many of the programs offered by the colleges in Ontario are accredited by the regulatory bodies which oversee the fields of study. It is mandatory that a college have all its programs accredited where this is a requirement for employment of program graduates.