The OCQAS offers a monthly, free, hands-on CVS workshop giving participants the opportunity to review the methodologies used by the CVS to validate college program applications that ensure conformity to the credential framework. Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of vocational program learning outcomes. It is hoped that the workshops will provide further clarity and transparency of CVS processes and help colleges submit more robust applications.

Training Objectives

Provide participants the opportunity to:

  • Review the process and requirements for submitting a program application.
  • Discuss system-wide challenges/needs regarding select components of program application (e.g. titling, existing program standards and descriptions).
  • Identify and discuss key components of a program application (Program mapping, Vocational program learning outcomes, Admission requirements, Program curriculum, Regulatory status).
  • Identify some successful practices, based on experiences, for submitting program applications.
  • Analyze various examples of program applications.
  • Complete a program application using select tools and information (e.g. existing program descriptions and standards, credential framework, titling protocols).

Key Themes

  • Writing vocational program learning outcomes.
  • Alignment to the credential framework.
  • Mapping to existing provincial program descriptions and standards.
  • Provincial influences on curriculum.

When, Where

How to Get Started

Please send all questions and submit all forms to the OCQAS (

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