The Credential Validation Service (CVS) provides timely validation of programs of instruction to the colleges, which supports every college’s ability to respond swiftly to community and employer requirements.

The CVS service is consistent with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities Binding Policy Directive, Framework for Programs of Instruction. The mandate of the CVS, given by government includes:

  • providing reasonable assurance that all programs of instruction, regardless of funding source, conform to the established Credentials Framework and are consistent with accepted college system nomenclature and/or program titling principles; and,
  • maintaining the integrity of the credentials and protecting the interests of students and employers who require a reasonable guarantee of consistency and quality in Ontario’s programs of instruction.

We follow an outcomes-based credentialing model, which guarantees that colleges work to educate students in full accordance with pre-established outcomes required for each certificate, diploma and degree. The Credentials Framework represents the minimum provincial requirement for credentials awarded and applies to all programs of instruction, regardless of funding source. Outcomes are established through rigorous consultations and cooperation between the Ministry Colleges and Universities, industry, individual colleges and our organization.