OCQAS Hit the Road on a Cross-Ontario College Tour

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OCQAS got a first-hand look at Ontario’s colleges this fall during a tour that gave them the opportunity to learn about the colleges and for colleges to discuss the functions and services of the OCQAS with its new staff.

It was a very successful tour and terrifically worthwhile. We got a great welcome from the colleges, a real openness, and a real sense of ambition”, said Karen Belfer, the Executive Director of the OCQAS. “The trip has allowed us to see first-hand how the college’s closeness to the industry and major focus on innovation, job creation and contribution to the economy inform their program development and quality assurance activities.”

Both Karen Belfer, Executive Director, and Geneviève Paquette, Quality Assurance Associate, spent three months visiting 24 colleges throughout the province. The tour concluded in January 2015.

The tour has come at an important time, since Ontario’s colleges will be moving to an institutional-level accreditation process for each institution, which will become effective in September 2015.