Credential Validation Service Report 2019/2020

I finally made some time to read the CVS Service Report today and wanted to commend you on it. It is well written, provides interesting and valuable and timely information for my work in program development.
I always appreciate working with OCQAS and congratulate you.

Credential Validation Service Report 2019/2020 Project Leader

Michael Skolnik

The continuous quality and audit outreach efforts of OCQAS help to ensure that college programs meet the highest standards possible. This Service gives every confidence to students, their families and their prospective employers that college graduates are getting the kind of education that they need in order to better their lives and contribute to their communities.

Michael Skolnik Professor Emeritus University of Toronto and Former William G. Davis Chair in Community College Leadership

Private Consultant and Former Dean of Georgian College Tenured OCQAS Auditor

Since the inception of the OCQAS, a number of new academic programs are now available to students. Bolstering those programs is the Credential Validation Service, which has led to commendable practices in higher education. Thanks to OCQAS, committed professionals from each of the colleges work together regularly to build continuous improvement in the curriculum. That’s powerful.

Private Consultant and Former Dean of Georgian College Tenured OCQAS Auditor

Rachael Donovan

Quality assurance processes through OCQAS demonstrate the value, utility, relevance and considerable importance of learning outcomes for Colleges. Its comprehensive processes are innovative and transparent, and by their nature, inspiring of improvements in Ontario Colleges.

Rachael Donovan Former Vice-President, Academic Nova Scotia Community College and Fleming College

Don Lovisa

Working with OCQAS has provided immediate dividends for Durham College. It brought all of our departments and employees together for detailed and reflective discussion about quality, our strengths as an institution and our opportunities for improvement. These experiences have benefited us greatly. Our team is stronger, with deepened commitment to quality practices, we put change into action, and Durham has established itself as a leader for growth in enrollment, programs and services to students.

Don Lovisa President, Durham College